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Minx, (n.) a pert girl, (adj.) saucy; impudent

Sign-up post for Round Two

Welcome to the sign-up post for the Gateverse Remix, round two! Sign-ups are closed and screened so that the reveal is extra mysterious.

For more information on the remix, what a remix is and the care and feeding of same, I refer you to our community profile page, with lots and lots of information written in a quirky and informative manner. I doff my hat to my fellow mod. I expect to post a set of recommendations if you want to read remixes done particularly well on my own LJ sometime this week. Last year's stories are found here if you want to just jump in the reading.

I'd like to draw your attention to two specific aspects of the Remix Challenge this year:

1. We will allow a safe story, or, in the event that a 'verse of stand-alone stories is incomplete, a safe set of stories. These stories are ones that you would like to remove from remixing eligibility because you are still playing with ideas, intending a sequel or a major rewrite or whatever. I'd like to suggest that you hold to just one story if possible. A remix ficathon by definition invites other people to play in your sandbox, so if you find the idea of someone else handling this story, or that one, or ohhhhh, this one also, is too hard to rationalize, then it's possible that you're not going to enjoy the experience. You still need to have five stories available after declaring a safe story to be eligible in a fandom; you need not declare a safe story if you don't wish to.

2. We will be collecting a list of potential pinch hitters, and the day after the stories are posted the call will go out to all of you to step up if you can. You are not committing to writing a remix now, but I would love to have you sign up and be the ace up my sleeve. Virtual cookies to anyone who does throw their hat in the ring now, and cake to anyone who steps up when the call comes. You may, of course, sign up to exchange remix stories and *also* possibly pinch hit; we'll have to come up with some extra special virtual baked goods for you guys.

Sign up to pinch hit by posting here, and leaving any irrelevant fields blank. And thanks in advance for the peace of mind you'll bring me. We will be rather free calling for pinch hitters in the theory that receiving two stories is better than none.


Signup closed at 11:59 PM PST on Monday, May 26th, 2008 (Memorial Day, for those of you in the States.)

Assignments will be emailed Sunday, June 1, 2008.

Stories will be posted on Monday, July 28, 2008 (That gives you nearly two months to work your remixing in around other ficathons and obligations! Lots of time! Lots of fic, yay!)

The call for pinch-hitters will go out July 29, 2008 by post and by email if there are any uncompleted remixes. If you don't have your story posted by that date, your remixee will be assigned to someone else. If you know you will be late with your remix, contact me as soon as possible (a comment to this post is fine, as is email) so I can decide whether to assign a pinch hitter. If you must bow out, have the grace to communicate it as soon as you realize you won't be able to fulfill the commitment.

Pinch hit stories may be posted any time, as completed.


Author Name: Minx
Email Address: _minxy_@livejournal.com
Your Website/Fic Index: I collect links to my own stories in a fanfiction archive post, and they are also found under the 'fanfic' tag at my journal. I'm working on the website, I swear.
Eligible in: SG1
Preferred Assignment: SG1
Willing to pinch hit? Yes, sign me up.
Any WIPs or safe story you'd like to withhold from remixing? Nope, it's all fair game.
Anything else I should know: I have two stories that have been remixed before and two that are remixes; I am open to them being remixed again at the authors discretion. I write everything and everyone from gen to het to slash to poly, no preferences as to the writing of my remixee.

SAMPLE PINCH-HITTERS SIGN-UP (if you're not also signing up for the exchange):

Author Name: Minx
Email Address: _minxy_@livejournal.com
Preferred Assignment: both SGA and SG1
Willing to pinch hit? That's why I'm here.
Anything else I should know: I'll be out of town on the day of the reveal, but I'll receive email pinch hit requests.

Sign-ups are now closed, thanks to everyone who tossed their name in the hat!
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