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04:48 pm: _minxy_ The countdown begins - 4 comments
06:18 pm: dossier No Traveller Returns (the Look Homeward, Angel remix) - 14 comments
11:05 am: leesa_perrie Survival 101 by Leesa Perrie (Remix of Rise Up and Fight by jadesfire2808) - 4 comments
11:24 am: bluflamingo SGA: Necessary Things (settling the balance) - 24 comments
07:21 pm: siegeofangels Like I Did Yesterday (the But Not As Much As Tomorrow Remix) - 31 comments
09:45 am: jadesfire True Colours (The Mother's Love Remix) - 14 comments
06:58 pm: kuonji14 Not That Big A Deal, Really (the Small Annoyances remix) - 23 comments
07:45 pm: lokei By Which My Feet Are Guided (Remix of Abyssis' "Lost") - 14 comments
08:09 pm: holdouttrout The Long Pause Between (Waiting Where I Am Remix) - 2 comments
09:16 pm: kellifer_fic "Something Borrowed" (The Something Blue Remix) - 20 comments
09:31 pm: sholio Selena of the Bears (Aesop's Choose Your Own Adventure Remix) - 21 comments
10:13 pm: butterflykiki The Weight of Non-Existent Years (The Gravity Remix) - 18 comments
11:26 pm: _minxy_ Bone Structure, by babs_sg1 - 8 comments
11:32 pm: _minxy_ And we're LIVE - 10 comments
11:43 pm: green_grrl Driving Lessons: So Totally Remixed
11:51 pm: beatrice_otter Thine Own Self (the Lady, Be Good Remix) (1/2)
11:53 pm: troutkitty Failure to Launch by Barb G. A remix of - 2 comments
11:56 pm: beatrice_otter Thine Own Self (the Lady, Be Good Remix) (2/2) - 15 comments
02:28 am: synecdochic In The Fullness Of Time (The Shores of Lost Carcosa Remix)
04:01 am: skieswideopen Parallel Arcs (The Mutual Misunderstandings Remix) - 23 comments
06:47 am: muck_a_luck Within Arm's Reach (The USAF Remix)
09:29 am: crysothemis Shoulder to Shoulder (The Rehab Remix) - 1 comment
10:09 am: sidlj The One and Only Way (the How to Quiet Your Lover's Doubts remix)
11:14 am: _minxy_ Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo (the Joker's Wild remix) - 1 comment
03:05 pm: daisycm83 Insomniac (The Pieces All Fit Remix)
03:41 pm: vickyocean The Junkie (Naquadah is a Girl's Best Friend remix) - 2 comments
05:12 pm: greyias "Driver's Ed" (An Annoying Cousin, the Dukes of Hazzard Remix) - 11 comments
09:37 pm: raisintorte SGA Fic - No Thought Control (The Writing On The Wall Remix)
10:24 pm: whimsicalwhims Lie to Me (The These Ghosts Will Haunt You Remix)
11:18 pm: minnow1212 sga fic: blinking in the sun - 31 comments
11:47 pm: raqs SG1 - The Freedom Remix
12:00 am: rigel_7 Learning Curve… Tilt (the Spatial Orientation remix) - 6 comments
01:12 am: wojelah SGA Fic: Albatross (The Ancient Mariner's Remix)
04:11 am: xparrot Any Port in a Storm (Cold Winds, Hot Air remix) - 38 comments
08:15 am: _minxy_ Master list for the Gateverse Remix, '08 edition.


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