July 29th, 2008


Learning Curve… Tilt (the Spatial Orientation remix)

Title: Learning Curve… Tilt (the Spatial Orientation remix)
Author: Rigel
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2148
Summary: The latest recruits of Stargate Command are the new breed of "steely-eyed missile men" for today's new space race – stepping through the deep void of space to touch new worlds. Julia Donovan reports.
Thanks: To my ever wonderful betas *smishes*
Original Story: "Learning Curve… Tilt" by lokei
A/N: Written for the 2008 gateverse_remix and I've made this slightly AU, in that hobviously the Stargate Program has gone public :D This fic is presented in a multimedia format. Choose your preferred viewing below!

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Learning Curve… Tilt (the Spatial Orientation remix)

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SGA Fic: Albatross (The Ancient Mariner's Remix)

Title: Albatross (The Ancient Mariner's Remix)
Author: wojelah 
Remix of: Panic Response by troutkitty 
Fandom: SGA
Characters: Sheppard + McKay = McShep
Timeline: Wherever you care to place it
Word count: ~2,300
Rating: R
Summary: "Right now, standing by the gate on MX-whatever-the-hell, John Sheppard, Lt. Col., USAF, is looking just as freaked out as Rodney feels, because something on this planet is not right, which means it is well past time to get the hell back to Atlantis."
Author's Note: Thank god for smittywing , beta extraordinaire.

They have been there for eternity, a doomed race, trapped by their own madness and despair, vaporized and bound. Ghosts in the machine, quite literally.
Ronon scholar

Master list for the Gateverse Remix, '08 edition.

The master list of stories written for the '08 Gateverse Remix!

abyssinia4077's story will be a few days late.
babs_sg1 wrote Bone Structure for whimsicalwhims. (SG-1)
beatrice_otter wrote Thine Own Self (the Lady, Be Good remix) for daisycm83. (SG-1)
bluflamingo wrote Necessary Things (the Settling the Balance remix) for minnow1212. (SGA)
butterflykiki wrote The Weight of Non-Existent Years (The Gravity Remix) for beatrice_otter.
CK (brainofck) wrote Within Arm's Reach (The USAF Remix) for green_grrl. (SG-1)
crysothermis wrote Shoulder to Shoulder (The Rehab Remix) for wojelah. (SGA)
cupidsbow's story will be a few days late.
daisycm83 wrote Insomniac (The Pieces All Fit remix) for butterflykiki. (SG-1)
dossier wrote No Traveller Returns (the Look Homeward, Angle remix) for greyias. (SGA)
sholio wrote Selena of the Bears (Aesop's Choose Your Own Adventure Remix) for seleneheart (SGA)
grav_ity wrote Wallflower (the Five Times Surprised Remix) for majorsamfan. (SG-1)
greyias wrote Driver's Ed (An Annoying Cousin, the Dukes of Hazzard Remix) for leesa_perrie. (SGA)
green_grrl wrote Driving Lessons: So Totally Remixed for babs_sg1. (SG-1)
holdouttrout wrote The Long Pause Between (Waiting Where I Am Remix) for kellifer_fic. (SG-1)
hyperfocused's story will be a little late.
jadesfire wrote True Colors (The Mother's Love Remix) for dossier. (SGA)
jadesfire also wrote Genus: Wraith (the Who Are You remix) for cupidsbow.
kellifer_fic wrote Something Borrowed (The Something Blue remix) for kuonji14. (SG-1)
kuonji14 wrote Not That Big A Deal, Really (the Small Annoyances remix) for brainofck. (SG-1)
leesa_perrie wrote Survival 101 (remix of Rise Up and Fight) for jadesfire. (SGA)
lokei wrote By Which My Feet Are Guided for abyssinia4077. (SG-1)
majorsamfan wrote The Captain and the Colonel's Daughter (Remix of Threadbare) for vickiocean. (SG-1)
minnow1212 wrote blinking in the sun for raisintorte. (SGA)
_minxy_ wrote Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo (the Joker’s Wild remix) for holdouttrout. (SG-1)
raqs wrote ...and the truth shall set you free (the freedom remix) for synecdochic. (SG-1)
raisintorte wrote No Thought Control (the Writing On the Wall remix) for hyperfocussed. (SGA)
rigel_7 wrote Learning Curve… Tilt (the Spatial Orientation remix) for lokei. (SG-1)
skieswideopen wrote Parallel Arcs (The Mutual Misunderstandings Remix) (pinch hit, thank you!) for bluflamingo. (SG-1/SGA)
seleneheart wrote "M" is for Monster (The World Went Crazy Remix) for xparrot. (SGA)
siegeofangels wrote Like I Did Yesterday (the But Not As Much As Tomorrow Remix) for thisissirius. (SGA)
sidlj wrote The One and Only Way (the How to Quiet Your Lover's Doubts remix) for raqs. (SGA)
thisissirius's story will be a few days late.
synecdochic wrote In the Fullness of Time (The Shores of Lost Carcosa Remix) for sidlj. (SG-1)
troutkitty wrote Failure to Launch for darsynia. (SGA)
vickyocean wrote The Junkie (the Naquadah is a Girl's Best Friend remix) for grav_ity. (SG-1)
whimsicalwhims wrote Lie to Me (the These Ghosts Will Haunt You remix) for rigel_7. (SG-1)
wojelah wrote Albatross (the Ancient Mariner's remix) for troutkitty. (SGA)
xparrot wrote Any Port in a Storm (the Cold Winds, Hot Air remix) for sholio. (SGA)

Information will be updated as the last few authors are contacted.

ETA: One author has withdrawn; the pinchhit request has been assigned. Thanks again, lovely pinch-hitter people!