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The Stargate Remix Challenge

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The Stargate Universe Remix Challenge
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The Stargate Universe Remix Challenge! All participants should both join and watch this community. For questions, contact _minxy_.


What's a remix?

A remix is what happens when you take someone else's story and rewrite it the way you would have done it: with your style, your elements, etc, etc. It keeps the basic plotline of the story intact, but messes around with other elements: the point of view, the duration, the themes, etc.

I'm still confused. What's a remix?

Check out some of the other fandom remix challenges, such as We Invented The Remix (popslash), We Invented The Remix ... Redux (multifandom FPS), sga_remix (SGA), and Last year's stories (Gateverse)! That should help.

I don't want someone touching my stories! How do I opt out?

This challenge is opt-in only -- only people who sign up (who, presumably, know what they're getting into) will have their stories remixed. If you don't want to participate, don't sign up, and you're safe.


What fandoms is this challenge for?

Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. When you sign up, you'll be asked to specify which of the two fandoms you've written in, and which fandoms you'd like to be assigned.

Can I specify a safe story?

Yes, you may. If you have a verse made up of stand-alone stories that you'd like to hold out of consideration, you may safe that too. If you find yourself wanting to restrict more than one story, though, you might rethink participation, because someone else *will* be playing in your sandbox, and we'd rather you had a great time.

Do I have to have a website?

You don't have to have a website, but you do have to have some easily-accessible listing of the stories you've written, whether that be a LJ memories category, a LJ tags category, a website, a community index page, etc. Your remixer has to be able to find your stories to pick one to remix.

Who's eligible to sign up?

Anyone who has written a minimum of five (5) stories of over 1000 words in either SG-1 or SGA. (Chapters of a single story don't count -- they need to be distinct stories.) When you sign up, you'll be asked to identify whether you're a SG-1, SGA, or both author. You must have written 5 stories in each fandom to consider yourself bitextual. If you've written 10 SG-1 stories and only 2 SGA, for instance, you can only sign up as a SG-1 author. This is to make sure your remixer will have enough to work with if s/he doesn't happen to be bitextual. (Unfortunately, if you have more than five stories total, but not five stories in either fandom, I can't guarantee that you'd get a match, so that wouldn't be enough to qualify.)

Can I remix a story under 1,000 words?

Sure, but your remix should top 1,000. If you can remix a drabble into a full-length fic, more power to you.

How do I sign up?

Please go here and comment (sign-up comments are screened). If you'd like to be a backup writer, go ahead and comment to the same post.

What if I co-write?

If you regularly co-write with someone, and you sign up together, you'll be counted as one participant and be assigned one remixee; your remixer will only be able to remix the stories you've written together. If you regularly co-write with someone, and you sign up separately, you'll be counted as two participants and be assigned two remixees; your remixer will only be able to remix the stories you've written separately. (Both of these scenarios mean that you'll have to meet the five-story signup requirement -- either five stories co-written, or five stories written separately.)

I'm a [slash/het/gen] writer and don't want to be assigned to a [het/gen/slash] author. Can I specify this when I'm signing up?

You pays your money and you takes your chances; if you're a gen author who gets assigned someone who writes nothing but NC-17 slash, you get the fun of trying to write a gen version of one of their stories. (Or you get to try something you've never tried before!) When you sign up, you'll be asked to describe your work and specify a preference as to what kind of author you'd like to be assigned to, but these are not guaranteed and though I will do my best, you still might get stuck. Consider it a challenge.

What if I don't have a LJ account to post with? Can I still play?

Yes! The sign-up post will accept anonymous comments, and when it comes time to post, I can post for you.

I'm not eligible to participate because I don't have enough stories, but I'd still like to play. Can I?

We will no doubt need backups. If you aren't eligible to participate, but would like to write a remix if someone has to drop out, please comment to the signup post and say so!


Which stories can I pick?

You can remix any SG-1 or SGA story your remixee has written, with the exception of works in progress, safe stories and anything that's a remix of someone else's work. (If the story was originally by your remixee, and has been remixed by someone else already, it's still fair game for you, though. Only things that weren't originally by your remixee are off-limits.) Yes, this means that if you ask to be assigned to a SG-1 author, and you get an author who writes both SG-1 and SGA, you can remix one of their SGA stories if you feel comfortable doing so. Past experience suggests that you might want to avoid remixing PWPs, too, because there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff that can be done with them, but that's just a suggestion, not a rule.

So what can't I change in the story I'm remixing?

Basic plotline and pairing (if any). This means you can't take a Jack/Daniel story and make it Jack/Sam, for instance, or take a gen story and make it John/Rodney, or take a John/Elizabeth story and make it Elizabeth/Teyla. (You can take a story that's got, for instance, Sam/Cam with hints of Daniel/Vala and make it a story that's Daniel/Vala with hints of Sam/Cam, or similar -- elevating a minor pairing is cool. But not changing pairings entirely.) Nor can you take a gen story and add in a pairing -- and although taking a het or slash story and concentrating on the gen elements is okay, you shouldn't eliminate the pairing altogether. Likewise, you can change some of what happens in the story, but the overall plot -- boiled down to the absolute one-sentence essence -- should stay the same. If the plot of the story you're remixing is "John and Rodney get stuck on a planet where aliens want to make them have sex and Rodney agrees so he can have access to the planet's coffee supply", the plot of your story should be the same. Keep the main points of the plot; muck around with the details.

What can I change?

Anything else. Point of view, length of story (starting it earlier or later, cutting it off later or earlier), themes, interpretation, etc. Maybe the story you're remixing says that Jack's perfectly fine with something and you'd like to play around with what would happen if he wasn't; maybe the story you're remixing is from Daniel's point of view and you want to see it from Sam's. Maybe you want to work with the secondary, back-of-the-envelope story. Go wild. Make a mess.

Can I write a sequel, instead of a remix?

No. Your story can go past the original ending of the story you're remixing, but it should include at least roughly half of the original story in it. If you're unclear on this, please ask.

So, barring all that, I can do anything to my remixee's stories?

Pretty much. Please do keep in mind, though, that you're not out to "correct" the original story; you're putting your own spin on it. Your story should complement the original, not mock it.

What's the length requirement?

Your remix must be at least 1000 words long.


How do I post my story?

You can post your story anywhere you'd like (as long as you identify it as a remix and provide a link to the original version of the story), but you must post either the story itself, or a link to the story, here in gateverse_remix. (We won't do anonymous posting and a later reveal, because ... okay, because I'm lazy.)

Can I post early?

Yes, if you finish early, you can post your story to the community early, but your story will not be released from the moderation queue until the posting date. You can't post it anywhere but gateverse_remix until after the posting date.

What if I have to drop out?

Contact us immediately, please. The sooner we know you aren't going to be able to complete your remix, the faster we can get someone else to remix your assignee.

What if I don't post on the deadline?

You will seriously disappoint the person who's waiting with breathless anticipation to see what someone else is going to do with one of their stories.

Nice guilt trip.

Thanks. I was kind of proud of it.

Seriously, what happens if I don't post on the deadline?

The day after the deadline, if we haven't heard from you asking otherwise, any participant who doesn't have a remix of their stuff posted will be assigned to a backup writer (who can post as soon as they're done with the remix).

What do I do if I hate what my remixer did to my story?

Smile graciously and lie through your teeth. Anguished wailing to your best friend/beta/roommate/etc on AIM or in person is optional.



Signup closed 11:59 PM EDT on Monday, April 30, 2007.

Assignments were emailed Tuesday, May 1, 2007.

Stories will be posted on July 1, 2007.

Pinch-hitters will be assigned on July 8, 2007, if there are any uncompleted remixes. If you don't have your story posted by that date, your remixee will be assigned to someone else.


Signups will close 11:59 PM PST on Monday, May 26th, 2008 (Memorial Day, for those of you in the States.)

Assignments will be emailed Sunday, June 1, 2008.

Stories will be revealed on Monday, July 28, 2008

The call for pinch-hitters will go out July 29, 2008 by post and by email if there are any uncompleted remixes.

Pinch hit stories may be posted any time, as completed.

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